Biomechanology of Type 1 Diabetes

Chiropractic Pioneering Research into Type 1 Diabetes

First published in 2008 - Last edited in May 2022 by Luka Tunjic. © All rights reserved.

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The exciting fact is that there are plenty of unrefuted reports of chiropractic care improving type I diabetes. The depressing truth is that before discovering what causes and cures type 1 diabetes, many Chiropractors accepted the spine-nerve-blood sugar connection theory. (I couldn't find who the author of this theory is. It seems that this theory came from nowhere but has been accepted by many.)

The spine-nerve-blood sugar connection theory is a kind of theory that is impossible to prove or disprove. Even if it is possible to prove it right, it is impossible to see any practical value regarding the prevention, treatment and cure of type 1 diabetes. At this stage of human knowledge, the spine-nerve-blood sugar connection theory - should be classified as a metaphysical explanation.

The real value of chiropractic research lies in the courage and effort to treat type 1 diabetes in a non-conventional method. The idea of the non-conventional method is based on the observation of spines in people affected with type 1 diabetes.

Their exciting and promising attempt to reduce vertebral subluxations to improve or even cure them is not far from the truth. The problem is that they didn't give enough attention to the rest of the body. The spine-nerve-blood sugar connection theory is a very likely reason for not giving attention to the rest of the body.

Concentrating only on vertebral subluxation is insufficient to treat or cure type 1 diabetes effectively. It doesn't explain what is causing the development of type 1 diabetes and how to prevent the development of type 1 diabetes. The fact is that many obese children are affected by vertebral subluxation, but type 1 diabetes is non-existent among obese children. (More about obesity and type 1 diabetes can be found on page 10 in the article "Obesity Protects against Type 1 Diabetes".)

However, chiropractors are the first ones that have successfully treated patients with type 1 diabetes with non-surgical and non-pharmaceuticals means, and they have done pioneering research.

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