Tennis Weight Loss

Biomechanics Tennis Weight Loss


A new and most effective way to learn and/or to improve your tennis skill and at the same time lose weight (excessive body fat mass) and improve your body shape. This unique method is based on the Modern Science of Biomechanics.

Biomechanics coaching supervised by myself is the unique method developed by me (Luke Tunyich), to quickly improve existing and learn new physical skills along with improving gait and posture.

·         Non-strenuous Postural and Motor Skill Exercises makes the most of the biomechanics coaching.

·         Improvements in gait and posture will lead to a healthy weight loss. The scientific basis of this method is explained partly on my website and more comprehensively in my book “Modern Science of Biomechanics & Weight Gain and Weight Loss”.


Tennis coaching is the unique method developed by me to quick learn and improve Tennis Skill.

·         Tennis is a game for life and you can start playing at any age.

·         It’s a safe, non-impact sport with minimal risk of injury.

·         Learning a tennis game the natural way will lead to the improvement of overall motor skill along with healthy weight loss.


Weight loss coaching is the method based on the real science of weight gain and weight loss which will lead to weight loss without a restriction of normal food intake (weight loss without dieting).

·         Biomechanics and Tennis coaching are part of the Weight Loss Coaching.

Upon your agreement, Biomechanics and Tennis coaching sessions may be videoed for feedback, discussions and allows you to see and discuss the changes you have made.



What to Wear

Clothing -: Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. Tracksuits or similar are ideal. Sports shorts and tops are also good.

Shoes - Non Marking Outsole

Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by his or her parent, legal custodian or guardian for the whole duration of the session.

Our Biomechanics -Tennis Weight Loss Coaching prices are as follows:

£120 per single 1:1 session (1 hour).  - I find that one hour is seldom sufficient time to cover all the topics that come up within a session.

£150 per single 1: 1session (1½ hour)

£180 per single 1:1session (2 hour)

I do not require clients to pre-pay or sign up for a set number of coaching sessions in advance.

Payment is required at the start of a coaching session. I cannot currently accept credit or debit cards unfortunately - cash or direct postal order only please.

A minimum of 24 hours is required to cancel/reschedule a session, failure to give notice would result in session being forfeited.

Non-attendance of sessions with less than 24 hours’ notice means you forfeit the session.


Luke Tunyich is the author of the Modern Science of Biomechanics & Weight Gain and Weight Loss. The Book is sold through Lulu, Barnes& Noble iTunes, Amazon. The first edition was published in 2005 under the title “Biomechanics and Weight Loss”

Luke is available for Biomechanics -Tennis Coaching at various times, so please contact him to discuss requirements and check availability.

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