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Obesity Epidemic and Man-Made Environment  - Modern Sitting Furniture


Sitting furniture is a part of man-made environment. 


The changes from the traditional sitting furniture to modern sitting furniture have changed the living environment .


  1. Modern upholstered sitting furniture promotes adverse musculoskeletal changes.


2.     Adverse musculoskeletal changes induce excessive body weight.


People that live in a flat area tend to be in average more overweight and obese compared to people that live in a hilly and mountainous area, but still, a few decades ago obesity, particularly morbid obesity, was rare, and among children and young people it was nonexistent by those that lived in a flat area, or in a hilly and mountainous area.

Obesity is a new phenomenon. Apart from a few anecdotal examples, it was unknown to any previous generations in recorded human history. Particularly among children and young people, obesity was non-existent. (Modern upholstered sitting furniture is a new phenomenon unknown to any previous generations in recorded human history.)

   Obesity Epidemic  and Man Made Environment - Modern Footwear

 One main change which happened unnoticed by scientists is the development of modern shoes. This happened in the last thirty years, first in developed countries, and in a couple of years this started to spread to the rest of the world.


Please note!


1.      The main cause for the obesity epidemic is the widespread use of modern upholstered sitting furniture.


2.      Modern shoes are a contributing factor for the obesity epidemic.


We just need to compare today’s shoes to shoes from the seventies and sixties, and we will see huge differences. Nowadays, shoes are like pillows compared to shoes before 1980. Shoes before 1980 were made with soles from hard leather, hard plastic, and hard rubber and so on.


After 1980, they started to make shoes with shock absorbing material for sport shoes at first, and then it started to spread to all kind of shoes from infant shoes to working boots, and that brought us huge changes to our lifestyles that we are not aware of.


Before 1980, between our feet and the ground was a hard sole. After 1980, between our feet and the ground is a soft sole with a shock absorber. Today, we are walking like we have pillows on the bottom of our feet, and that enables us to walk with poor balance. Modern shoes can negatively affect the walking and running gait.


Not only were the soles made from hard leather, hard rubber or hard plastic, but also the inlet of the sole was made from a hard material, thin leather or thin fabric, or even just a card board. But today, not only is the sole made from soft materials which act as a shock absorber, but for even more comfort, the inlet soles are made from thick soft materials which are so comfortable, that it feels like having small pillows on the bottom of our feet.


These modern shoes protect our feet from discomfort or pain by walking, running or jumping, but it enables us to more carelessly transfer our body weight from one leg to the other while walking or running and at the same time, enables us to produce a stronger ground-impact force which spreads from the bottom of the feet to the rest of the body.


The shock absorbing material reduces the ground impact force to the bones but it doesn’t reduce the ground impact forces to the fat tissue. It can be noticed that by walking, while wearing cushioned shoes, the fat tissues jiggle more than when walking with barefoot, or by wearing shoes with a firm sole.


These new types of comfortable shoes are more damaging to children’s health because through all the years of mankind’s existence, children learned to walk with bare feet or with shoes that had a hard sole. Today, they are learning to walk in comfortable shoes, and we can say they are learning to walk not on normal surfaces, but they are learning to walk like they are walking on pillows. These comfortable shoes obstruct the children to learn, and also to maintain, a proper balance. Modern shoes may promote clumsiness.


On the other hand, today’s shoes have a few health advantages compared to shoes made before the 1980s. We need to just consider the negative side effects for health caused by wearing comfortable shoes, and this negative effect will be easy to avoid.


Involvement in “Postural and Motor Skill Exercise”, along with occasionally walking and running with bare feet, walking over rocky grounds and walking and running on a hilly terrain, will to a greater extent reduce the harmful effects of wearing cushioned shoes.

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